Happy New Year From Drain Clear UK – Your Blocked Drain Specialists

From everyone at Drain Clear UK – your blocked drain specialist, we wish you a happy New Year. The question is though – what will be your 2013 New Year’s resolution? Losing weight? Stopping Smoking? Seeing your family more? More Holidays? The list is endless really – but there are some issues that could be right underneath your nose that should be a part of your new year’s resolution – for example – not abusing your drainage system!

Because your drains are underneath the ground – and you can’t see how dirty they get – you tend not to ever clean them. You wouldn’t leave your carpet a mess if there were crumbs everywhere, or leave your bed un-made after you have slept in it, or even let your grass grow like a jungle – this because you can see the mess. If you leave any of the above to get more and more worse – they may cause you a problem – and it is exactly the same with your drainage pipes. Over time build-ups of all sorts of things that you put down your drain pipes form, but the real problem lies in the fact that you can always hoover your carpet yourself, cut your grass yourself (albeit a monster job) but what you can rarely do – is unblock your own drain if you have left it long enough.

Let’s consider this scenario. Over the festive period – you have had more people in your property than you would usually have and you have done more cooking than you usually would. This means more bath’s/shower’s, more toilets being flushed and more waste food and cooking oil/fat disposed of down the kitchen sink – putting an excessive amount of stress on your drain pipes. This means much more toilet paper, and unfortunately baby wipes in some occasions down the toilet, getting stuck in your pipes, more oil getting stuck in the drain pipes after being put down the sink – causing a sticky and leaner drain pipe than it would usually be. Maybe you can see now how over just a small amount of time – a build-up and blocked drain could be inevitable.

Fear not – you can do your best to flush your drains out by simply leaving your hot tap running for 10/15 minutes – something which can break down anything which is blocked in your drain.

Make ‘A clean drainage system’ one of your New Year’s Resolutions now! Or we may be meeting you sooner than you would have liked to…

Happy New Year

Drain Clear UK


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