Top 3 Causes Of Blocked Drains

It can be as simple and easy as you like to keep your drains clear, but understanding the top 5 reasons why drains become blocked could help you much further than simple drains maintenance via drain cleaner etc.

1. Baby’s Items

This includes baby wipes put down the toilet, nappies, and even toys which kids dump in toilets and flush without you knowing. Baby wipes are no designed to disperse in water like toilet paper is, so unless it finds its way cleanly through your drains, it could snag on obstacles on the inside of your drain pipes, causing a build up and leading to a blockage. Nappies also are not designed to be put down toilets, and knowing how nappies work, e.g. Holding water and increasing in size when it holds more and more water, this should give you an indication as to what will happen when completely submerged in water – it expands to its maximum size possible, far too big to fit down your lean drain pipes in most cases.

2. Fat/Grease

Disposing of used cooking fat/grease down your kitchen sink seems like the most simple and easy thing to do – however – the next you have finished cooking, put the oil/fat into a jug of cold water and see what happens to its consistency. The runny consistency turns into a gloopy slow moving and sticky form. This is usually what happens when you put it down your kitchen sink, even if you flush it down with hot water, because the water will only cool down quickly… The sticky substance sticks to the inside line of the pipes, creating a feeding ground for more articles/items to be caught, even toilet paper. More expert information on this here at

3. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is designed to be put down the drain, however, not in excessive amounts. Toilet paper can stick together, and quite easily snag on anything causing an obstruction in your drain pipe. Be careful as to how much paper you use, if in the worst case scenario – flush in 2 stages to ensure the worst doesn’t happen

If you steer clear of any of the above finding it’s way down your drain, then you will be sure to keep your drains free flowing with water. If you would like to read more information such as this, you can do by visiting our website by clicking here, or by visiting our blocked drains page, which goes in to more depth about the causes of blocked drains which may be out of your control.


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