Busy Times Unblocking Drains For On The Lead Up To The Holiday Season

As leaves fall in and around drains, there is a high chance that they can cause a blockage. If you notice a buildup of leaves around any of the drains in and around your house, do your best ot ensure they are kept clean and clear to stop them from becoming blocked, because if they are linked to your house, not only could it cause a backup of water in the pipes in your property, but you could also be liable to the unblocking of the drain.

More recently Drain Clear have been called out to Wickford, Southend and Rayleigh to undergo works on domestic properties, all blocked drains caused by the owners mistreatment of the drains. However, all 3 customer’s had their drains unblocked in under 60 minutes of us arriving on the site, the customer paid a fixed fee for their unblock, and have had a guarantee left behind in case the drain blocks again in the near future – Happy Christmas.

Blocked drains can come at the worst of times, so don’t leave your toilet or sink if they are slow flowing over the Christmas period, give Drain Clear UK a call and we will come and unblock the drain as we have done for our 3 clients in the areas above.

Contact us via our website at http://www.drainclearuk.co.uk

For more information on blocked drains, click here


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