Happy New Year From Drain Clear UK – Your Blocked Drain Specialists

From everyone at Drain Clear UK – your blocked drain specialist, we wish you a happy New Year. The question is though – what will be your 2013 New Year’s resolution? Losing weight? Stopping Smoking? Seeing your family more? More Holidays? The list is endless really – but there are some issues that could be right underneath your nose that should be a part of your new year’s resolution – for example – not abusing your drainage system!

Because your drains are underneath the ground – and you can’t see how dirty they get – you tend not to ever clean them. You wouldn’t leave your carpet a mess if there were crumbs everywhere, or leave your bed un-made after you have slept in it, or even let your grass grow like a jungle – this because you can see the mess. If you leave any of the above to get more and more worse – they may cause you a problem – and it is exactly the same with your drainage pipes. Over time build-ups of all sorts of things that you put down your drain pipes form, but the real problem lies in the fact that you can always hoover your carpet yourself, cut your grass yourself (albeit a monster job) but what you can rarely do – is unblock your own drain if you have left it long enough.

Let’s consider this scenario. Over the festive period – you have had more people in your property than you would usually have and you have done more cooking than you usually would. This means more bath’s/shower’s, more toilets being flushed and more waste food and cooking oil/fat disposed of down the kitchen sink – putting an excessive amount of stress on your drain pipes. This means much more toilet paper, and unfortunately baby wipes in some occasions down the toilet, getting stuck in your pipes, more oil getting stuck in the drain pipes after being put down the sink – causing a sticky and leaner drain pipe than it would usually be. Maybe you can see now how over just a small amount of time – a build-up and blocked drain could be inevitable.

Fear not – you can do your best to flush your drains out by simply leaving your hot tap running for 10/15 minutes – something which can break down anything which is blocked in your drain.

Make ‘A clean drainage system’ one of your New Year’s Resolutions now! Or we may be meeting you sooner than you would have liked to…

Happy New Year

Drain Clear UK


Blocked Drains 2014 Offers

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a relaxing festive period – but unfortunately – now it is almost over. Yes – we have new year on it’s way, but most of you will agree that this is the most OVER rated night of the year – meaning the majority of people will be spending their new years at home with family or friends.

Whatever your plans – you will know if you have a problem with your drains or not – and even through you may think that it may – it usually won’t go away.

Blocked toilets, sinks or drains start off with a slower moving water flow, which is ignored by most people. When this is the case, if you continue to treat your drains as you have to get you to the stage that you are at, then there is a very low chance that the blocked pipe will pass. There is a higher likelihood that the problem will simply get more and more serious.

There are the old traditional techniques to try and identify and clear the problem, but 9 times out of 10 you are normally better off calling in one of the experts. Because of the flooding over the festive period, Drain Clear UK have been called out to many areas over essex such as Romford, Dagenham, Ilford, and Chelmsford – to help clear drains which have been blocked by the water dragging obstacles down the drain which are not designed to disperse down there.

This means that getting hold of us to clear your drain may be more difficult than normal, so waste no time and give us a call via our website to give yourself the best chance of uf being able to reach you in good time.

Drain Clear

Have Very Merry Christmas From Your Blocked Drain Experts

Drain Clear UK would like to wish everyone a very merry christmas, and give some valuable advice as to how you can avoid having a blocked drain in this festive period.

Firstly, do NOT put anything down the drains that shouldn’t go down there, for example, any cooking oil/fat, as this can solidify in your drain and lead to a build up.

Ensure that excessive toilet paper is not used when using the toilet, or even worse, avoid using baby wipes which you may put down the toilet, as they are not designed to disperse down your toilet and can get stuck there & cause a blocked drain.

Keep children away from toilets, the last thing you need is their new christmas present to find its way down the toilet.

Ensure that if family/friends are using the bath, then they pick any hair that has malted – out of the plug hole, because hair is a well known causer of blocked drains.

Why don’t you give your drains a flush out before all of the festivities start? Buy some drain cleaner and follow the instructions – or if you don’t have the time to get to the shops, simply run your hot tap for 10/15 minutes at a time, followed by vinegar and baking soda, followed by more water, this will help you to break down any blockages which have started in the drain.

If however you do find yourself with a blocked drain, then give us a call on 0800 980 7282 and we will be with you within the hour, no matter what day it is.

Our coverage over the bank holiday period will be

blocked drains basildon

blocked drains southend on sea

blocked drains grays

blocked drains chelmsford

blocked drains colchester

For any more information visit the website at http://www.drainclearuk.co.uk

Top 3 Causes Of Blocked Drains

It can be as simple and easy as you like to keep your drains clear, but understanding the top 5 reasons why drains become blocked could help you much further than simple drains maintenance via drain cleaner etc.

1. Baby’s Items

This includes baby wipes put down the toilet, nappies, and even toys which kids dump in toilets and flush without you knowing. Baby wipes are no designed to disperse in water like toilet paper is, so unless it finds its way cleanly through your drains, it could snag on obstacles on the inside of your drain pipes, causing a build up and leading to a blockage. Nappies also are not designed to be put down toilets, and knowing how nappies work, e.g. Holding water and increasing in size when it holds more and more water, this should give you an indication as to what will happen when completely submerged in water – it expands to its maximum size possible, far too big to fit down your lean drain pipes in most cases.

2. Fat/Grease

Disposing of used cooking fat/grease down your kitchen sink seems like the most simple and easy thing to do – however – the next you have finished cooking, put the oil/fat into a jug of cold water and see what happens to its consistency. The runny consistency turns into a gloopy slow moving and sticky form. This is usually what happens when you put it down your kitchen sink, even if you flush it down with hot water, because the water will only cool down quickly… The sticky substance sticks to the inside line of the pipes, creating a feeding ground for more articles/items to be caught, even toilet paper. More expert information on this here at www.plumbdrainuk.co.uk/blocked-drains

3. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is designed to be put down the drain, however, not in excessive amounts. Toilet paper can stick together, and quite easily snag on anything causing an obstruction in your drain pipe. Be careful as to how much paper you use, if in the worst case scenario – flush in 2 stages to ensure the worst doesn’t happen

If you steer clear of any of the above finding it’s way down your drain, then you will be sure to keep your drains free flowing with water. If you would like to read more information such as this, you can do by visiting our website by clicking here, or by visiting our blocked drains page, which goes in to more depth about the causes of blocked drains which may be out of your control.

Busy Times Unblocking Drains For On The Lead Up To The Holiday Season

As leaves fall in and around drains, there is a high chance that they can cause a blockage. If you notice a buildup of leaves around any of the drains in and around your house, do your best ot ensure they are kept clean and clear to stop them from becoming blocked, because if they are linked to your house, not only could it cause a backup of water in the pipes in your property, but you could also be liable to the unblocking of the drain.

More recently Drain Clear have been called out to Wickford, Southend and Rayleigh to undergo works on domestic properties, all blocked drains caused by the owners mistreatment of the drains. However, all 3 customer’s had their drains unblocked in under 60 minutes of us arriving on the site, the customer paid a fixed fee for their unblock, and have had a guarantee left behind in case the drain blocks again in the near future – Happy Christmas.

Blocked drains can come at the worst of times, so don’t leave your toilet or sink if they are slow flowing over the Christmas period, give Drain Clear UK a call and we will come and unblock the drain as we have done for our 3 clients in the areas above.

Contact us via our website at http://www.drainclearuk.co.uk

For more information on blocked drains, click here

The Safe Use Of Chemical Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners which are biochemical often use bacteria to clear drains, and can normally be used by the everyday man or women. Even though these are generally not caustic, they still need to be observed carefully. These sorts of cleaners can often cause irritations to skin and eyes, so must be used with the utmost care.

As above, the chemicals which are available on the market to clean your drains can often be extremely effective, but along with the chemical, comes a few reasons for caution. You must ALWAYS read the instructions and cautions on the label of the bottle, including any other instructions that come with the product. 9 times out of 10 the cleaner will come with some further instructions, however, if it doesn’t, then you can usually find these listed on the manufacturer’s website on the internet, or perhaps on a relevant forum. As with any product, some are mostly safe, but some can be quite dangerous if misused. Some can react with water and give off poisonous fumes, which if inhaled, can cause serious injury, so please be careful. There are other reasons as to why you need to be careful in your choice of drain cleaner; For example, if you call a drainage company out to unblock your drain and you have already used chemical cleaners to clear the blockage yourself, the cleaner could in fact damage the drainage engineer’s equipment. Not only could it damage the engineer’s equipment, it could also cause injury to the engineer himself! If you do not advise the engineer of the chemicals you have used, and the engineer becomes ill from the chemicals you have used, then you may in fact be held responsible.

What is more worrying is that some chemicals produce colour and odourless fumes, such as Sodium Hydroxide, which can be harmful to human beings. As well as fumes, heat can be produced from some drain cleaning products, which can again cause injury to humans, and can even melt plastic drain pipes.

If the drain cleaner that you have used doesn’t clear the blockage, then a drain jetting machine may be required to blast the blockage away. If the chemical is still active when water is blasted into the drain, then this may cause a further reaction and could unearth further problems, these could include the following:

  • The drain cable could be covered with water containing acid from the chemical, causing damage.
  • Fumes and liquid containing acid could retract back through the household drainage system, through bathtubs and sinks.
  • Heat could form from the chemical and melt or severely damage the drain pipe.

It is worth mentioning that some of the gases that are produced from these chemicals can cause death, not just to humans, but more easily to small animals. It is essential that the area where the chemical is added to, is adequately ventilated e.g. not in confined spaces. A good idea would be to ensure that the person who administers the chemical does so without an audience, reducing the risk of multiple problems.

Burns can be caused in some cases if chemicals are misused, as drain cleaners are manufactured to work on organic material to break it down, and your skin being organic material, would be easily broken down by the chemical causing burns to your skin.

Let’s bear in mind that most drain cleaners have little dangers, and even chemical cleaners you would use to unblock your drain which are dangerous can be safe, if used correctly.

Find more information such as how to unblock your drains and toilets, including how to prevent a blockage in the first place, at http://www.drainclearuk.co.uk