The Do’s And Don’t Of Blocked Drains

There is always an answer for a drainage problem – but dont you just hate having problems with your drains?? Some drains which are blocked only need attention to the trap itself to remove hair/soap/any other debris that is trapped, but sometimes it takes more than just a little clean to fix the problem. Often you can purchase cleaning aids from your local merchants that will assist you in fighting even the toughest of blocked drain. You can find commercial cleaners liquid form, or indeed granular, or pressurised. Granular and liquid cleaning products rely on lye to dissolve the blockage and pressurized cleaners uses chlorofluorocarbon propellant and pressure to remove the blockage.

Drainage DO’S!

* Clean your drain traps on a regular occasion

* Don’t want until the drain is blocked completely, fix the issue even as soon as when the water starts draining slowly,

* You can help the breakdown of fat and grease by boiling hot water down the drain, followed by baking soda, followed by more hot water.

* Always ensure that you have a plunger to hand

* Don’t be proud, as soon as you come to the conclusion that you cannot fix – call a professional company in before the issue spirals out of control.

* Ensure that extreme care is taken when using commercial drain cleaners – they can be harmful to eyes and skin if come into contact with.


* Don’t wait until your drain is COMPLETELY blocked. Seek advice earlier.

* Don’t empty any food down your drain, its meant for water, and water only.

* Again, your drain is meant for water and water only, don’t empty any fats, oils, or greases down your drain.

* Don’t leave any chemical cleaner on the porcelain around the toilet – it will cause eventual damage.

* Dont’ ever mix two types of drain cleaners together.

* Ensure that you completely wash away any old drain cleaner, before you use a second one.

* Come the time that you need to call in a professional – ensure you advise him of any drain cleaner you have used first.


If you have a drain which is moderately clogged, a great tip would be to pour half of a cup of baking soda, followed by half of a cup of vinagre down the blocked drain. This will cause a reaction which may help relieving the drain of any blockage. Wait about 3 hours then flush the drain with water.

For More Information Contact Drain Clear UK


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