Drain Blockage Prevention Help And Advice

Drain Blockage Prevention
Clearly – the best way to deal with a blocked drain, is by not even getting to that stage, and preventing it from happening! Blockages in a drain start from the very smallest mistakes, e.g. putting something minor down the toilet that doesn’t belong down there. Try to minimise this by not putting things down the toilet that you shouldn’t.. Flushing your drains out on a weekly basis is a good idea – as well as preventative techniques like not letting hair go down the toilet by putting a strainer into your plug hole, and not filling your drain with waste food – dispose of it in another way.
Main Causes Of Blocked Drains
Even if you follow the above, drains do still suffer from the same issues at some point in their life span inevitably. Things build up on the inside of a drain – things that are out of your control, like grease, littler, and leaves. The buildups must have efforts to clear them, as eventually they will build up more and more, and eventually cause a blockage in your blocked drain.
Imagine you having a bath – then letting the plug out – the water going down your pipe into the drain… then facing a blockage… which doesn’t let the water travel any further, so the pipe backfills, usually into the source of where it came from – which can sometimes cause floods. The ‘source’ we talk of, could be the bath where it came from, or a kitchen sink, or a toilet bowl.
Health and Safety
The problem with escaping or blocked water, especially drain water, is that it is usually dirty, as water from the drains is used water, from cooking, cleaning, or bathing – so you can only imagine the dirt that went down the drain with it when it went down first time. For this water to come back up the drain will be full of harmful bacteria – very dangerous – especially if you have children. The water is usually lot more dirty if it is coming up from a toilet – I don’t think I need to explain why
If the above happens, and your home is flooded with dirty drain water, then the professionals will need to be called in immediately, the area evacuated and not returned to, until the area has been professionally cleaned and sanitized, to get rid of all of the harmful bacteria that it left behind.
Drain Pipe Cleaning – HP Jetting
High Pressure Water Jetting, is, as it says it is. Water is blasted down the drain at upto 3000psi, dislodging and melting away articles in the drain that shouldn’t be there. This is usually the simplest way of cleaning a drain and ensuring that blockages are prevented.
Why You Should Call In The Professional…
Instead of cleaning a drain, which may not need cleaning, or not cleaning a drain as much as it needs to be cleaned – are two issues when you clean a drain on your own. Professional companies will own speciality CCTV equipment, which can be fed won the drain line to take a perfect view of the drain to see what sort of state it is in. This allows the perfect amount of action to be taken. For your piece of mind, the CCTV is usually offered to you as a client so you can see exactly what is down your drain – this way you are confident about what you have paid for, and are sure that a professional job has been done.
Calling in the professionals may sound expensive, but looking after your drain, to avoid some of the above issues including coming into contact with harmful, bacteria infested water, is very, very important.

Matt Wilkinson here write for Drain Clear UK – a professional Drainage company based in Essex – providing simplistic advice.


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