How To Unblock A Drain – Drain Unblocking – Drain Clear UK

What You Will Need

  •  A Bucket
  • A Hose
  • Drain Rods
  • Rubber/Protective Gloves

Firstly – Lift The Cover Of The Drain/Mainhole

You firstly need to lift the cover of the drain to see whether or not it is full of water. If there are no handles on the drain cover – then you can use a spade or something of the sort to help you lift the cover. A Tell tale sign of a blockage being in the soil pipe between the house and the chamber, is if there is no, or very little water in the chamber itself. However – if the chamber is full of water – then this would mean that there is a blockage further down the line, near the sewer mains. What you need to do next – is move to the next chamber, and to the next, and so on, until you have reached a chamber that is full of water, so you can pinpoint just exactly where the blockage is.

Step 2

Once you have identifed what area the blocked drain is in, you need to get hold of your drainage rods. Screw together a few pieces of the drainage rods so that you have enough length on them, lower them down, and push the end into the pipe opening – aiming it towards the blockage. If you struggle to push the rods much further, rotate them, this should make it easier. You need to ensure that you ONLY twist the rods clockwise, because if you rotate them anti clockwise then you may unscrew the different rod sections, and they main come loose in the drain. |More information right here

Step 3

Do your best to dislodge the blockage in the blocked drain, by moving the rods forward and backwards quickly. If you find that after a few attempts – this isn’t working – then take the rods out, and fit the screw attachment. Keep pushing back and fourth and twitsting until you see the water flow again. Do your best to remove any segments of the article which was blocking the drain to ensure that this doesnt’t happen again.

Step 4

Return back to the house where the blockage was originally first noticed, run the hot taps and pour bleach and detergent down the sink, to help remove any further blockages, along with fat and potential hair. You should leave the taps running for 5-10 minutes to ensure that this is the end of the blockage.

If after performing the above – the water still doesn’t flush away, then you should call a professional – like Drain Clear UK


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