Because drains are under the ground, its often hard to identify the problem without using CCTV to take a look. The usualy causes are issues like a collapsed pipe, tree roots, and broken pipes. It is important that the drain blockage cause is found and itentified immediately – because if a blocked drain is left, it can cause subsidance in local buildings, and will eventually lead to the drain colleapsing altogether.

Other common causes of blocked drains can be – trees and leaves, fats and grease, hair and foreign objects…

Tree roots, on the other hand, crawl underground to find water and more often are found inside the drains. When the tree roots enter the drain, they will cause subsequent repeated blockages.

CCTV Drainage Survey is the best way to identify the exact issue, see below what happens when the cameras come out…

  1. The CCTV camera is placed inside the drain through its opening and pushed slowly through the length of the drain
  2. The operator will then monitor and record the images inside the drain which is also shown on a screen. Any problem found inside the drain will be monitored and recorded by the operator taking note of the exact locations of the defects
  3. The drainage survey report containing the findings is then provided to the client complete with recommendations for fixing the drain

Not only does a CCTV drainage survey save time, but it also saves, and could save a lot of money in the issue developing further….. So if you find your home with a blocked drain, utilize the CCTV drainage survey to get off this unpleasant situation immediately…

Visit companies like for further information on CCTV drain surveys – its often best to call in the professionals.


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