How To Prevent Drain Blockages In The Home – Drain Clear UK

Blocked Drains

Drains can be blocked either by foreign objects within the pipes, or due to a pipe which has dropped causing a block.

Having the correct tools available to us – means Drain Clear UK can usually remove blockages on site every time, using specialist drain rods to clear the blockage. If we struggle to clear the blockage via this route, then we can use high pressure jets to blast the blockage clear

How our Drain Jetter Works to Unblock Drains

Our drain jetters fire upto 46 gallons of water per minute at 3000psi, straight onto the blockage itself. The force of the jet usually can cut through most blockages. The ketting nozzle in the pipe pulls back the article causing the blockage whilst dicing it into smaller manageable pieces.

Our drainage nozzles vary in range to battle with different blockages, even including tree roots.

Unblocking A Pipe

The first port of call would be to dislodge the blockage by using a plunger, by using firm yet gentle pressure to try and move the blockage. Care is needed here, because if too much pressure is applied – it can do damage to the pipes themselves, leading to further repairs being needed.

When it comes to blockages cause by food waste, fats, and hair etc – these can usually be dissolved with the help of bleach – but care must be taken here, using the suitable glove wear, ensuring that the bleach doesnt come into contact with eyes or mouth as it can cause dangerous irritation.

Toilet Blockages

A plunger can be use to unblock a toilet also. If blockages return time and time again – then the problem may lie deeper, so if this is the case, then it may be worthwhile investigating the problem even further. Investigations could mean surveys of the drain via CCTV on drainage rods, or lifting drainage covers to make sure no sewage is backed up in the drain system itself.

Information can be found of a professional drainage company – should the above not work, can be found by clicking here or visiting our blocked drain page, or another credible drainage company.

The above information is advise only.


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