How To Unblock A Toilet – Drainage/Blocked Drains/Drainage Services


Firstly – The tools you will need are as below

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Toilet Plunger
  • Chemical Cleaning Product
  • A Bucket
  • Some Disinfectant
  • A Toilet Auger

You can grab yourself a toilet plunger and auger for under £10, and this process can take upto an hour, but usually between 30/40 minutes. You do not need to be handy andy to unblock your toilet – this is genuinely a job who anyone can tackle.

Step One

Remove as much water from the toilet bowl as you possible can using your bucket, or a jug if you need to use something smaller so that you can use a plunger.

Step Two

Check the drain itself – Lit the lid of the drain cover which is situated nearest your toilet. If this is the case – then the blocked is further along the soil pipe. If the chamber is empty – then the blockage is in the soil pipe from toilet to the chamber or in the toilet pan itself. Use drain cleaning rods or call out a drain cleaning company if the blockage isn’t in the toilet.

Step Three

Use a plunger – Even though toilet plungers look different to sink plungers – they work in exactly the same way. The head is simply modified to fit around a toilet pan.

Step Four

For compacted blocked drains or drainage problems, try using a flexible metal wire with a handle, called a toilet auger (you can get these at plumbers’ merchants). Feed the wire into the pan and wind the handle when the wire meets the obstruction. Pull out the blockage and flush the toilet several times. If the water still doesn’t flush away, call in a professional.

If all else fails – you can call Drain Clear UK – on 0800 980 7282, or alternatively visit a website at for more tips.

More Tips

Chemical cleaners can be more useful in helping move blockages caused by toilet paper. The chemical helps dissolve the toilet paper. Also – try to remove hard physical objects rather than pushing them further down the pipe.

Once again – any problem with blocked sinks, blocked toilets, or blocked drains – call Drain Clear UK.

Hope this helps


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